1) Choose your business category, this is what you would tell people you do...

For example: Building Services, Plumbing and Heating or Removals

2) Choose a few of your main services...

For example: Extensions, Flat Roofing or Brickwork (if you were a builder)

Now, without listing them all, how many keywords in total would you need (we consider between 4 - 10 main service keywords are plenty)

3) Choose a few main towns you want to be searched and found in...

For example: Brighton, Hastings or Eastbourne

Lastly, without listing them all, tell us how many town searches you want to be included in — if you don’t know, then as a guide, 100 or so will cover a county, whereas 1,000 will cover the whole of England; if you want to cover Europe you’ll need about 10,000, and about 100,000 to go worldwide


This is only a guide, and the actual domain names available will need to be checked, but based on what you have entered we would set up {{ totalTowns }} individual websites, each having {{ totalServices }} search optimised pages = {{ resultingKeywordsCount }} keyword / location focused pages.

The sites would be something like this:

+ Another {{ resultingKeywordsCount - 9 }} site pages just like this!

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